Exploring Crystal Grids

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Exploring Crystal Grids

Welcome to Crystal Moon’s Crystal Grid introduction workshop, we are over the moon that you have joined us on your Crystal Journey.  

This is ideal for anyone who is beginning to explore Crystals further, connecting further with their energy and desiring to create a variety of Crystal Grids.  If you would like to discover more about Crystals, check out our Crystal Connections workshop or enquire about our other Crystal workshops.

You will be connecting with Sacred Geometry to enable you to create your own Crystal Grids, you will be guided through creating a grid to work with your intention, choosing Crystals, choosing the Crystal Grid, how to set up a Crystal Grid, how to activate, how to reactivate, how to deactivate and dissemble.  About keeping records, what the different Crystal placements are called and what they mean, ways to connect your intentions, suggested grid layouts.  As well as access to 10 printable Crystal Grids, a printable Crystal Grid journal, suggestions for where to place a Crystal Grid and how to create a larger Crystal Grid for your home or garden, as well a how to use a Crystal Grid around yourself.

There are extras to access too, including a Wordsearch, a printable Crystal Grid Journal where you store your printable Crystal Grids and more.  This includes 10 printable grids with a suggestion of what to use each one for (11 when you count the front cover of your journal).

For Personal Use Only.  Do Not Copy or Share Any Part.

This is Copyright to Crystal Moon Emporium 2018

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