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Welcome to Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing C.I.C. we are over the moon to offer our Accredited Foundation Cacao Course both online.  We also offer in person workshops, courses and experiences including Sacred Cacao Ceremonies.

If you would like to learn more about Cacao, about the nutritional benefits of this superfood, as well as learning more about Ceremonial Grade Cacao and connecting with this as a sacred plant medicine, then this is the course for you.

In this course you will receive a printable Cacao Journal, videos, guidance of how to create the delicious elixir Cacao.  We understand how important wellbeing is and have included many top tips to help with self nurturing, as well as tips for meditating, meditations, a Wellbeing Journal, tips for cleansing, connecting, grounding and so much more.

If you want to be guided by Cacaoistas who connect with Ceremonial Grade Cacao daily as a sacred plant medicine, who hold sacred Cacao Ceremonies and are passionate about Cacao, whilst honouring those who grow the Ceremonial Grade Cacao which is ethically sourced, sustainable and more than fair trade, then you are 1 click away from this beautiful connection.

Whether you are wanting to connect with Cacao and learn more, already love or already connect with Cacao and want to dive deeper, this is for you.  

Also if you are looking at holding your own Cacao Ceremonies, this course is the stepping stone to take our Accredited Cacao Facilitator course.

You can choose how you connect with this Foundation Cacao course, the more you put in the more you will get out of this course.

You will have the opportunity to complete assessments to apply for accreditation for this course, you can also choose not to, the choice is yours.

You will be able to revisit your favourite parts of this course as often as you desire, found a meditation you love?  Great you can connect again and again.

We have also included a bonus section with over 4 hours of free content, including connecting with Crystals and Cacao.

You will also receive a 10% discount code off our favourite Ceremonial Grade Cacao when you enrol on this course.

This is a great self immersion course and ideal for anyone wishing to connect deeper with Ceremonial Grade Cacao, this is also the stepping stone for anyone wishing to explore Cacao further with our Accredited Cacao Facilitator course.

We will be exploring many aspects of Cacao and how it is beneficial for us, including the  spiritual, science, nutritional, history and so much more.

Cacao has many health benefits, however it is recommended that if you have any health conditions/concerns which may prevent you from drinking Ceremonial Grade Cacao please seek guidance from your medical professional, including heart condition, epilepsy, taking anti-depressants (including herbs such as 5HTP or St. John's Wort), as well as if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

If you feel this course could be for you click to join now.

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Many blessings xx

Accredited Cacao Courses at Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing CIC

Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing C.I.C. is a fully accredited training school offering a variety of workshops and courses.

The following is the blog Kirsten (one of Crystal Moon's Cacaoistas and Priestesses) wrote for the accreditation company who we were first in the world with to offer Cacao as an accredited course, leading the way.

"Mesmerised by the rich aroma, taste trickling tingling my taste buds.  I feel the warmth in my heart, soothing, comforting.  Like a welcome Summer breeze and a soulful connection with a beloved friend, I feel nurtured.  As I feel the joy and peace fill me, I feel nourished, Mama Cacao’s embrace.  The drink of the Gods, yes, I can understand why Cacao is known as this, for I am filled more from this 1 cup than I am from any other drink or food I have ever tasted.

I can choose to meditate or journey deeper, I can feel energised for longer periods of time, for me this connection with my intentions is a heart connecting soul filling experience.

My daily Ceremonial Grade Cacao has brought benefits to me on an emotional, physical and spiritual level.

In my connection and training with Cacao this has deepened.  I have had the great honour to hold many Cacao ceremonies, where the ripples have brought great joy and connection for others for their own relationship with Cacao.

I am now over the moon that my family run business Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing C.I.C. are now offering Accredited Cacao courses and we are delighted that we are the first in the world to offer Cacao courses with our course accreditation provider." 

Ceremonial Grade Cacao available at Crystal Moon Emporium
Ceremonial Grade Cacao at Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing CIC

Within our accredited courses for cacao we have a Foundation Cacao course which is about self immersion, connecting with cacao and nourishing oneself, which is a pre requisite for our accredited cacao facilitator course.

We explore self care and self nourishment within the course, as we believe these are the foundational tools for self development and a place to come from as a Facilitator. 

We discuss the difference between chocolate and Ceremonial Grade Cacao, including the nutritional value. We explore more about this superfood which has 40 times more antioxidants than blueberries.  Find out how Ceremonial Grade Cacao can be part of your daily routine with our Foundation Cacao course.

We feel it is vital to honour Cacao, we share more about how to connect with Cacao, the spiritual, science and history, we delve deeply into more aspects and how you can connect with Cacao in a way that works for you with our Accredited Foundation Cacao course.

For those who wish to connect more deeply and feel the call to facilitate their own Cacao Ceremonies, our Accredited Cacao Facilitator course offers this, which is a follow on from our Foundation Cacao course.  With a deep immersion, insight into Mama Cacao, with sacred ways to connect with Cacao, a way to honour group dynamics and so much more.

If you feel the calling to connect what is lovingly known as “Heart Medicine”, let’s chat further, you can find out more and contact us via our Facebook page: or via email for further details.

To order Ceremonial Grade Cacao visit Crystal Moon Emporium’s shop at 52 Frederick St. Sunderland. SR1 1NF UK

Cacao Ceremony at Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing CIC

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

Why would someone choose to attend a cacao ceremony? What benefits would someone receive from taking part in this type of ceremony?

I feel like many people choose to attend ceremonies to carve out time, to create a window of regulating the nervous system into a place of safety.  Coming together with like minded people where we are creating new imprints of safety and love.  Bringing Cacao into a ceremony is nourishing for all parts of our being from our physical brain, to our thought patterns and emotional world.  This is an opportunity for to chance to connect and just be.  Gifting time to connect with sacred plant medicine, with all of the spiritual and nutritional benefits which are on offer.  By being in sacred ceremony people get to connect with like minded people.  Many people who attend our ceremonies have listed many more benefits for their emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, as well as self love, appreciation of others, nature and themselves.

Our Foundation Cacao course offers people the opportunity to experience the affects of Ceremonial Grade Cacao, whilst learning so much more, they get to learn many tips and techniques for their own holistic wellness too.  Our Cacao ceremonies have been described as life changing; we aim to offer an experience where people can reconnect with themselves in a way that they may not be experiencing in day to day life.  Our Cacao courses offer a deeper immersion in how to put this into practice beyond attending our ceremonies, in how they can empower themselves to offer self love, self nourishment to enhance their self development.  This is a heart centred gift to connect with.

How long does a Cacao Ceremony last?

The time can vary for how long a Cacao ceremony can last, however, as we often offer a Shacapa healing session with ours at Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing C.I.C. they often last around 2 and a half hours.  Although this time can vary depending upon the type of Cacao ceremony we are offering.

By choosing our Foundation Cacao course, you can choose how long your own personal ceremonies will be for you.  We explore mini Cacao ceremonies for personal use which are ideal for daily connection, as well as longer ceremonies for a deeper personal connection.

Our Foundation Cacao course is an immersion for your connection with Cacao and can be completed in your own time.  We do recommend taking your time and building a daily connection with Mama Cacao through this course, we therefore recommend taking 5 weeks minimum to ensure you are gifting yourself with the best opportunity for a deeper connection. We offer pre-recorded sessions, an online portal and a journal to reflect ones own experiences.

For those wishing to receive the Accreditation for this course, you will have assessments to complete.  Accreditation is required if you wish to have the opportunity to dive deeper with us and go on to sharing Cacao with others through our Accredited Cacao Facilitator course.