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Crystal workshops

Welcome to Crystal Connections. 

We are over the moon that you have joined us on your Crystal Journey.

This is ideal for anyone who is beginning to explore Crystals and understands the energy of Crystals or as a refresher.

This is a very “dip your toe into the water” style workshop where, through my own research, expert teachings and guidance received, I have designed a workshop that I hope is accessible to all.  This is a great place to plant seeds for your Crystal lifestyle and learn tools to nourish and grow your seeds.  I offer my own opinions too in this course, on things such as how to cleanse Crystals.  Based on my own personal findings, I’ll also be exploring things like why some methods are not recommended for Crystals.

From this Basic Introduction to Crystals, you will be able to navigate your Crystal journey further with other workshops and courses, if you wish to explore Crystals further.  This is a stand-alone class and you may wish to simply only explore this to integrate Crystals into your life.  If you do wish to explore Crystals further, we offer a selection of other workshops and courses

I find using a journal for courses can help to refer back to thoughts you had in the moment about a particular topic.  I have put together a Gift to help with your Crystal journaling experience through your Crystal Journey.  This is a downloadable ‘Crystal Moon’s Crystal Journey Journal’ where there is space for you to write your own thoughts to reflect on your own findings.  I recommend printing the Front and back cover and hole punching the side, then print multiples of the other printable pages, 1 per Crystal, hole punch these, then tie with ribbon to create your own Crystal Journal.  You can then hole punch blank pages to add further write ups, as well as print off the information pages.  Alternatively, you may wish to print, put in plastic inserts and add to a folder.

You will be able to create your own journal with prompts I have included on the pages where you get to tailor make this to be personal to you through your own writings and reflections, to become your own personal Crystal Guide. 

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