More Details about "Connect with the Goddess Within Course"


We are over the moon to announce the details of our upcoming course: “Divine Goddess Within.”

Plus Unchaining and Womb Blessing.

Connecting in sacred circle. Connecting with our sisters. To honour ourself. To honour one another. To honour our womb, our womb space. To honour ourselves.

Whether you a Maiden, Mother, Queen or Crone, if you are having moon bleeds or they have ended, if you have had children or not, if you have experienced sexual trauma or not, if you still have your womb or not, if you have had a healthy relationship with your womb or not, we honour you.  We see the beautiful Goddess you are: inside and out.

This sacred circle will be gathering online and if there is an opportunity, we will extend this to in person, where possible too.

This online space will be a sacred space to connect, get to know you, the divine Goddess you are.  You will have the opportunity to unchain from past events which burden you now from traumas. Help with ancestral healing.

This is for women of all ages and backgrounds.

You will have the option to connect with Cacao known as heart medicine, to help connect and begin to heal your womb, heart, mind and soul.

Working with your energy centres, we will share Mantras and Mudras, we will guide you with Crystals, see below for extra bonus gifts.

Deeply connect with yourself, connect with the Goddess Within.

You will be guided how to energetically cleanse yourself and your space. You will be guided how to create a physical sacred space, as well as Sacred Space for meditation and journeys.

Each session we will come together in sacred space, connecting with our breath, ourself, with meditation/journey, a space to set intentions and grow.

You will be invited to unchain (further details upon confirmation of place).

This will be accessed via Live Zoom meetings. You will also receive bonus online downloadable/printable content and videos.

We have chosen to add the Womb Blessing and Womb Rights at no extra cost for this course, where you will have the opportunity to pass these rights on to another woman, once the course and Unchaining are completed.  Where there is the option this will be in person, if in person is possible and/or you are able to attend in person at the time of the 7th session, a cleansing and a Shacapa healing will be offered at the time of the session. 

You can also choose to add a Ceremonial. Grade Cacao pack and/or "Cleansing Sacred Space kit" when you purchase this course, to enhance your experience.  We also have the option of a kit which includes Crystals, Bath Salts, Herbs and more, at a discounted price, if you enrol on the course you may then contact us and request your discounted kit.

Bonuses include but not limited to:

Receive a bonus free Crystal workshop as a thank you for choosing this course.

Printable/downloadable workbook and journal, with space to reflect and journal your meditation, notes, exercises to enhance your connection with this course and yourself, plus more.

Bonus using Crystal Grids to connect with our own energy. Using Crystal Grids around yourself to cleanse, to energise and connect.

Bonus videos include tips on connecting with your breath, grounding, connecting with your energy.

You will also be offered a Womb Blessing which you will receive rights to be able to pass this on to other sisters, mothers, daughters.

These Womb Rights, Womb Blessing, Unchaining and all these experiences can be life changing.

There will be integration weeks meaning the 7 sessions will be over approximately 10 weeks.

We look forward to this profound experience with a sacred circle of Goddesses. Divine Goddess Within Course investment:

 Regular/Abundant Flow £333

Lower Income/Financially Impacted is £288

If paid by end of October, monthly payments by arrangement.

You can receive a discount if paid in full by end of August:

Within Course Regular/Abundant Flow £311

Lower Income/Financially Impacted is £277

Option of monthly payments to be paid by end August (by arrangement)

Pencilled in date Week 1: Sunday 5th September 5:30pm

Integration week

Then week 2 is 19th September

Unchaining and Womb Blessing times and dates TBC (during the day approx. 1pm)

If you feel this is a course for you, please message by email, PM our Facebook page or pop into our shop, to discuss further if this is the right time for you.