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We will be adding more resources here.  In the meantime, we invite you to try out Box Breathing, this is used by the military and many professional athletes, as well as by many people to help create a relaxation response.  This can become part of your toolkit, helpful to reduce stress and anxiety.

I like to begin my day by setting my alarm earlier than I need, I will use that time to balance my Chakras, meditate or other holistic practices.  As soon as I sit up and my feet touch the floor, I ground my energy and say what I am grateful for.  Some people keep a gratitude journal, this can be as simple as "I am grateful for the breath in my body" look to the sky: "I am grateful for the sun shining/this beautiful rainbow/that plants will be watered today/the clouds creating beautiful shapes" you get the idea. 

Can you list 3 things each day for a week?  For 2 weeks?  For a month?  

Can you tell yourself you are loved?  You are worthy?  Having an affirmation to repeat in a day or as you wake in the day can be profound.  So often we tell ourselves where we went wrong, where we are not good enough and so on, we take on the labels of others.  When was the last time you were kind to yourself?  Spoke to yourself the way you would like others to speak to you?  Are you giving others permission to talk to you in the way you talk to yourself?  Can you replace that which you don't wish to hear with that which you do wish to hear? 

I believe, it's ok to feel an emotion, it's what we do about it that counts, do you try to bypass the emotion?  Do you become the emotion?  Do you acknowledge the emotion?

Do you gift yourself with TLC or do you beat yourself up about things?  Where can you be kinder?  If you could receive kindness from another person, what would this look like?  Can you gift this to yourself?  If it is to offer praise, make a nice meal, run a self love bath or a nice walk in nature.  

I love to connect with my loved ones and my community.  Who do you love to connect with whether this is in person or online?

I love to surround myself with Crystals, I love to meditate and journey, I love to drink Cacao, I love cleanse, connect, ground, protect, I love to have a sacred space just to be and connect with my own energy, I love connecting with nature, I love my path.  There are so many more things I love to do which brings me joy, helps me, my energy, my time, enhancing my spirit, as we so often focus on our body, we are looking towards helping our mind too.  What do you do that helps you on your best path?  Brings you joy? Helps your mind, your body, your spirit?  What is food for your soul?  If you make a list, look to include these whenever you can.


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Box Breathing Exercise for Personal Use from Crystal Moon

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I am often asked for tips to connecting with more.  I highly recommend to cleanse, connect, ground, protect, I share more tips on some of these in Crystal Connections Workshop

This video is a great quick way to feel grounded, you can try this in nature or try this in a comfortable space, close your eyes and connect with this beautiful space.

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