Connect with the Goddess Within Course

Welcome to Crystal Moon's Connect with the Divine  Goddess Within Course!  With an optional Unchaining Ceremony and Womb Blessing Ceremony.  

This is a 5 session course

This includes:
Unchaining yourself from trauma
Unchaining yourself from abuse
Unchaining yourself from the patriarchal system
Unchaining yourself from stories we tell ourselves
and so much more so you can step into who YOU truly are

It also includes (if you so wish to proceed into this)
A Womb Blessing where you are gifted the Munay Ki Rites that you can pass on to other Women
Healing the collective Sisterhood Wounding and Mother Wounding together in a safe container
Standing in our divine power so we feel safe within ourselves and an anchor for Women AND Men AND all genders to know safety in this world
and sooooo much more

You will have access to a Member's only Private Online Portal with lots of juicy content to help you prepare for the Course, to help you during the course, and to help you integrate the course into your day-to-day life, your subconscious and your cells.

If you are interested in signing up, we ask for you to get in touch where we will arrange an informal chat.  We want to make sure people are ready for this container as it can be life changing.  Click on the "Enquire Now" button to arrange booking in.