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Welcome to our Course Section!  Here you will find different in-person and online courses we offer.  We are very excited to be able to provide this service to you! 


We are an Accredited training provider.


We bring an integrated approach in how we teach, from bridging the 'Science' and the 'Metaphysics' together with a sprinkle of our own Truth.  We aim to deliver an authentic teaching from a heart centered place.  Every person is different and we respect that, what you will find in our courses is what suits us and what we have integrated as our truth at the moment of creating the course.  


We find that using these teachings as a way to plant seeds (or not) in finding what is/isn't your truth is the best approach.  As well as testing different tools/resources offered to see how best you can nurture and nourish your seeds.  You are your own best teacher and best Guru for you know you best, we are merely here to share our lived and taught experiences for you to see what resonates (or doesn't) with you.