GBP 50.00 (including 20% VAT)

We offer online 1-2-1 sessions via Zoom.  We are grateful we are able to offer these given the current circumstances.  We have given and received online 1-2-1 sessions and have found them to be beautiful and transformative.

GBP 11.00 (including 20% VAT)

This is ideal for anyone who is beginning to explore Crystals and understands the energy of Crystals or as a refresher.

This is a 2 tiered pricing system.  Usual cost is £11 or £8 for Low Income and folk financially impacted by Corona/Lockdown

This is a very “dip your toe into the water” style workshop where, through my own research, expert teachings and guidance received, I have designed a workshop that I hope is accessible to all.  This is a great place to plant seeds for your Crystal lifestyle and learn tools to nourish and grow your seeds.  I offer my own opinions too in this course, on things such as how to cleanse some Crystals.  Based on my own personal findings, I’ll also be exploring things like why some methods are not recommended for some Crystals.

GBP 44.00 (including 20% VAT)

Explore Crystal Grids, with a Printable Journal with over 10 printable Crystal Grids, plus bonuses, a place to record your Crystal Grids, set up, activation, outcomes and more.  Explore Sacred Geometry, why to use a Crystal Grid, your intentions, choosing Crystals, setting up a Crystal Grid, activating a Crystal Grid, where to set up Crystal Grids, creating a Crystal Grid around yourself and more. 

GBP 0.00

Would you like to connect with Mama Cacao, want to learn more about a sacred plant medicine which is a superfood full of over 300 nutrients?  Want to connect with what is known as "Food of the Gods" and a "Heart Medicine"?  Crystal Moon's trained Cacaoistas and Priestesses have put together a Ceremonial Grade Cacao guide with free journal. 

This free Cacao guide and journal is for those of you who attend Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing C.I.C's Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Cacao Workshops and Accredited Cacao Course or purchases  Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Crystal Moon Emporium.  Click to receive this, you will join the mailing list and connect with this FREE Cacao guide and Cacao journal. You will then receive an email guiding you.

Crystal Moon team also offer Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Cacao Workshops and Accredited Courses for the self and for those wishing to become accredited Cacaoistas with our fully insurable Cacaoista course.

If you are interested in the Ceremonial Grade Cacao that Crystal Moon team drink daily and use in their ceremonies, click here or pop into Crystal Moon's family run shop and Holistic centre, where their love of Crystals and Cacao shines through.

All information here is for personal use only, not to be copied or replicated in any way, without written permission from the copyright holders: Crystal Moon Holistic Wellbeing C.I.C.